Woah. So what happened. Today is Day 21 and you haven’t heard a peep from me in almost a week. I’ve cheated. I’ve been unfaithful to the produce in my vegetable drawer. Remember on Day 15 (a Wednesday) how I told you I had popcorn for dinner because of PMS and that I would explain later … well it’s later. A lot later.

Blame it on Aunt Flo

My boyfriend says I shouldn’t blog about this. He says it’s TMI. Perhaps, but so are a lot of things on the Internet. And if this is the most intimate thing I ever reveal about myself online, then I think I’m doing OK. So here goes: PMS hijacks my life every month. It’s true. I get irritable. I lose my patience. I curse at drivers. I roll my eyes at strangers who walk slowly in front of me at the grocery store. I sigh a lot. And I CRAVE junk food. Ice cream. French fries. Buffalo chicken anything. And in the case of Day 15 — Popcorn.

Or Blame it on Me

So, half way through my project, I slipped and had some popcorn. But it didn’t stop there. It opened the flood gates. I stuck to my Farmers’ Market breakfasts and lunches on Day 16 and Day 17, but for dinners I caved. On Thursday, I convinced my boyfriend to take me out to dinner. On Friday, I ate my restaurant leftovers. On Saturday, I stuck to my farmers market diet for breakfast and lunch, but after riding 10 miles in the Bull Moon Ride in Durham, NC, I noshed on some free BBQ. Sunday rolled around and I cheated again.

I was semi-back on track Monday (Day 20) eating farmers market granola for breakfast. But I had soup from my work cafeteria for lunch because I was too lazy to prepare a meal that morning. For dinner, I made a tomato and zucchini casserole and it was excellent. Here’s the recipe (given to me by one of my blog readers, Judy).

Majority Farmers’ Market

I didn’t go to the Market this weekend because I had plenty of leftover grass-fed beef, cheeses and pork sausage in the fridge and tons of tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and onions remaining. But, last night I found (much to my disgust) that my meat had spoiled (is this a side effect of buying meet with no preservatives?) and my cheese tasted funky enough to make me throw it all out.

So today was Day 21 and I’m not too proud of what I ate. So tomorrow I’m going to stock up on some supplies at the Durham Farmers’ Market and try to do a majority farmers market diet for the remaining nine days.

And then when this project is over I’m going to eat chocolate and cake, maybe even some chocolate cake. Because, I’m really, really craving it!